Letter of Appreciation

Church of Christ Holiness USA
United Christian Women’s Ministries
Eastern Diocese
Bishop Maurice Nicholson, Presiding Prelate
Missionary Orelia Nicholson, First Lady

April 12, 2018

National UCWM President, Portia Waynick
National UCWM Facilitator, Arveal Johnson
UCWM Diocese Presidents
2018 UCWM Retreat Committee Advisor
2018 UCWM Retreat Steering Committee
2018 UCWM Retreat Committee Chairs and Committee Members

We would like to thank you all for being an integral part of our 2018 retreat.
We truly appreciated all your time, effort, support and hard work. We had a vision of a great, exciting, productive, and successful Retreat. We succeeded in this journey united together and with God’s guidance.

This is the time for you to feel the joy of the Lord: What awesome feedback we received from our attending sisters! It was very positive and encouraging. All your hard work has been recognized. We praise you all to the highest for a job well done!

We would like to thank the National United Christian Women’s Ministries for allowing us to host the Eastern Diocese 2018 UCWM Retreat.

We can’t thank all the Sisters enough for attending and supporting our
grand and great event!

To GOD Be The Glory!

Sister Jacqueline Watson
2018 UCWM National Retreat Coordinator

Sister Virginia Plumpp
2018 UCWM National Retreat Assistant Coordinator

Sister Beverly Latson
2018 UCWM Eastern Diocese President

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